• Jun Hwan Kim (CEO)
    1. M.S. in Genetic engineering, Sungkyunkwan University
    2. Team leader, Cellivery therapeutics
    3. Researcher, Procell therapeutics
  • Byung Soo Youn (Founder / CTO / Executive director)
    1. Ph.D. in Immunology, Indiana University school of medicine
    2. Founder & CEO, Adipogen
    3. Adjunct Professor, Korea University school of life science
    4. “Young Investigator Award” from US NIDDK
  • Sung Wook Lee (Vice Chairman / Executive director)
    1. Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pensylvania
    2. CEO, Hanil Tank Terminal
    3. Professor, School of Economics, Suwon University
    4. Researcher, Korea Development Institute
  • Joseph YS Park (CFO / Executive director)
    1. B.A. in Japanese Language & Literature, Korea University
    2. ED, Morgan Stanley & Co. International Limited
    3. Nomura Securities / Dongwon Securities
  • Sue Nie Park (Non-Executive Director / A member of SAB)
    1. Ph.D. in Microbiology, Washington State University
    2. Head of research center, Shebah Biotech Inc.
    3. Ministry of Food & Drug safety of Republic of Korea (KFDA)
    4. World Health Organization (WHO)